This label is the outcome of creative brainstorming and experimentation. The design is as simple as it is meaningful. The semi-transparent background is reminiscent of body cream, thus giving the impression of continuity. Flowers in different cheerful colors, in combination with butterflies create a sense of freshness and naturalness. The chosen fonts are on the border between elegance and legibility, which makes them suitable in the context of the label made. The design is simple, intuitive and impactful. It is tailored to suit the needs of the target audience. In other words, the design is clear, intuitive and eye-catching. It appeals to the target audience by creating a connection between the content (body cream) and the label. This is also supported using a glass jar as a container. Together with the bamboo cover, the flowery design outlines the idea of life, naturalism and beauty regardless of age.

Country Romania
Category 2023-edition
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