My partner and I worked diligently with a vision in mind to produce a product label that will help our target audience feel the transformational power of our unique product, resulting in satisfaction. Every feature in the labels, including the brand color, patterns, and typography, was designed to elicit an emotion of trust, quality, and integrity, urging consumers to embrace luxury and feel confident, radiant, and gloriously renewed. In terms of sustainability, the product packaging is recyclable and may be reused, whilst recycling the skincare jar requires less energy. We placed suggestions on the product label for the ease of our target audience in properly picking and comprehending the product. The design was also created to attract and encourage them to see the need for the products, and the innovative idea includes a paper-thin, self-powered light to eliminate package waste with multiple packaging uses, such as in the event of a blackout, and to assist people with low vision in identifying their vitamins, as well as a QR code that unlocks tips for a personalized experience.

Country Cyprus
Category 2023-edition
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