My goal was to create emission of pride and confidence, for those who are looking at it. – “My age just looks fabulous”
The design fits to the theme of the modern elder society, by the combination of playful curves, the trendy elements and also the joyful bright colors.
The whole composition is simple but catchy, you can see clearly and recognize quickly every element on it.
The text is strong and readable and it’s in the focus point.

I consider my label design as a budget-friendly project, because of the quick and cheap project plan and fabrication.
Shape: customized – die cut
Label application1: custom shrink wrap sleeves (on a plastic product)
Label application2: rubber base adhesive/permanent acrylic adhesive
Additional: texture – UV gel can be added to the golden parts (hat and sunglass)

Defects can be corrected easily and modifications can be applied on it, because of the editable format in Photoshop.
This design can be used on different products (supplement sachet, glass jar, plastic bottle), because it’s simple, catchy and made by some common (neutral) elements.
Future maintenance can be made easier by using the template and manufacturing it.

Label in front&back:
type: branded label
base: semi-gloss/high gloss paper
function role: identification, marketing, authenticity (QR code – optional)
function role: identification, description and ingredients

Country Romania
Category 2023-edition
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