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This simple, yet sophisticated concept is intended for the condom line of Sexty-Something. The deep dark blue background is meant to portray the vividness of the Movida, the late nights out, the Nightlife that embraces every consumer, it’s a gentle reminder that, despite the age, nothing is off-limits for our customers.
The lining might look randomic, but it also subliminally shows how nothing is unfixable:the beginning lines walk erratically towards the abyss, but the glamorous,bright Sexty-Something solutions can (and will) invert that trend, directing the customer in only one direction, which is up(both metaphorically and literally)above and beyond.Everything in this little logo shouts glamour, mundanity and happiness. Because with Sexty-Something, things can only go up (wink).Thank you in advance for this opportunity.

Category 2023-edition
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